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Our Story


 Empowering. Innovative. Passionate. Fun. This is how our co-founding mother and daughter approach life and their diverse professional pursuits. Once Darlene Erich and Monica Challingsworth were first introduced to the pure and natural botanicals of V10 Plus, they jumped at the opportunity to bring the incredible V10 Plus products to the United States. 

They first learned of Akiko Yokata’s story of developing a revolutionary skincare line and fell in love. The V10 Plus line is based on using gentle yet powerful antioxidant ingredients and processes to create a unique and effective line of serums that amplify your current skincare regimen, not replace it. 

After spending time in Singapore with the V10 Plus creators, Akiko and Eddy, they knew they had found not just a new extension to their family but a product from which women, girls, and even men in the United States would greatly benefit. Darlene and Monica devote their lives to women empowerment and creating a safe space for creative people and entrepreneurs to thrive. Part of the mission of V10 Plus USA is to cultivate an extraordinary team of exceptional future leaders to help millions ensure optimal health from the outside in. 

Our Mission:

To ensure that the best and highest quality are delivered to cater all skin needs. 

Our Promise:

Results are proven, being the main reason behind the recognition of V10Plus USA serums over the years.

Our Products:

All V10Plus USA products are researched, studied and tested to ensure optimal quality before they are ever brought to market.  V10Plus USA never does testing on our furry friends.  

V10Plus USA serums contain:
+ No paraben
+ No artificial colors
+ No mineral oil
+ No chemical fragrance

Additionally, all V10Plus USA serums are:
+ Water based
+ Customized for all skin issues
+ Dermatologist-tested
+ Visibly effective in the first 10 days
+ Made in Japan